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Specimen mounting press is a metallographic specimen holding and thermal insulated. The mounting press would be like Bakelite material. In this machine operate 230V AC power. It takes less amount of current with high efficiency of the mounting done. The heater made upon for NiCr heat resistance wire has to reach good temperature and better life span of the machine. It’s controlled by hydraulic jack to lifting with a cylinder with piston arrangement. The quick return mechanism also included the specimen mounting press, and used for the digital timer to indicate perfect mould to bake the Bakelite powder. Specimen mounting press good appearance with powder coated on the surface, it prevents the rust, erosion environmental. This machine also is done by powder metallurgical research within the limit of the specification.


The machine is used for mounting of metal, and hard metallographic specimens, thermosetting plastic and Bakelite powder, also constructed and activated by hydraulic press . The press is provided with electric display, heater controlled and operates 220 volts A.C. Supply. The machine is used for mounting the metallographic specimens.

Hydraulic Press Capacity 2 Tons
Sample Size 30mm
Timer Measurement Electronic Display
Heating Heater & Digital timer
Power Supply 230V/60HZ, L + N + E


Mounting machine

I.Mould release spray :

Sprayed on the walls of the mounting chamber for easy removal of the mold.

Mounting machine

II.Bakelite powders

Used for High end applications like coating thickness and case depth measurement, fastener profile analysis, etc Applied on Hard materials Excellent edge retention

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