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Single disc polishing machine to help the metallurgical samples (Rough or mirror polishing) microscopic view and analysis. In this machine have Fiber reinforced body rust free designed and Machine occupied less space and electrical operated Dual (230 V AC and 230V DC) power. The machine indicates running RPM by digital display, while need to set required the RPM. The electrical speed regulator by variable speed controller, speed controller durable. The polishing machine have water line to help the polishing and wastewater send by drain plug. The machine is namely single disc, recommended water emery like180,220,320,420,600,1000,1200 grades etc. If need to be alumina or diamond polishing switch change the machine. The purpose of machine to help the metallurgy microscopic views and micro hardness survey etc., the metallurgical samples good polishing effects to provide alumina paste with velvet cloth magic. The alumina is hard particles, the hard particles to develop higher friction. It will be easy to material removal and grinding samples hold at 10-15 minutes like mirror polish and used for micro examination ready for the samples. Similarly, if needed diamond pate polishing is also done this machine.

Single Disc Variable Speed Grinder/Polisher MODERN-5

1 Model: DC MOTOR 1 No
2 12" single disc polisher
3 Variable speed from 100-800 RPM
4 Rigid table top corrosion proof FRP cabinet
5 Corrosion Resistant wash bowl free flow drain
6 DC Drive width LED Display
7 0.25HP High torque DC Motor
8 Aluminum Disc 12"Dia 1 No
9 Flexible water jet with control Valve 1 No
10 Splash guard
1 No
Lid 1 No
V Belt used for rotate disc for long life
Paper holding band for stainless steel
POWER SUPPLY 230/50HZ, L + N + E
11 Machine Size : 735 x 535 x 380 MM
12 Polishing machine Table ( Fully coverd Compact Model ) 1 No
13 Table size: 510x740x710mm


double disc image

I.Polishing Cloth:

Polishing operation is aimed at achieving mirror finish on the sample surface for further microscopic analysis. The right combination of material with proper polishing media yields a perfect finish most suitable for the application. Modern Metallurgical offers a vast range of polishing consumables for most demanding applications.
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