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Belt grinder is an abrasive machining process used on ferrous, non-ferrous and polymer material. Its typically used for industry and educational institute and researcher etc., The coated abrasive material on the belt surface, it’s processed on surface finish in order to material removal. The abrasive belt grinder machine drives with electrical motor, very powerful and reliable. This machine has powder coated with rust proof and damper Prof Machine. To change the Abrasive belt easy to wear belt. The perfect Alignment of the disc roller to enhance analyzed and optimized the samples. Belt grinder Manufacturers machine more compact and less space to install the machine.


Technical Specifications
Sturdy Table Top Model for Pre-Grinding, of Metallurgical Specimen,
1/4HP Single Phase Motor, 1440 RPM,
100mm x 915mm Endless
Belt Constant Tension Spring Loaded mechanical system
Aluminium Idler Pulley Mechanism
Simplified Belt release mechanism Easy removable Dust cover system
Emery Cloth Belt for Dry Polishing
Belt Size 100x915mm endless Grit 60,80
Machine Size: 500 X 350 X 250mm
Machine Size : 500 X370 X260mm
Power supply : 230V 60HZ, L + N + E


Belt Grinder

I. Heavy duty

Coarse grinding of general ferrous and non ferrous materials. Used for grinding large components.

Belt Grinder

II. Light duty:

Coarse grinding of general ferrous and non ferrous materials

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